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Magic Russ' Wand Packs

Grab your Magic Wand Packs for just £2 each

Wand packs 1

These packs, available to give out to your party guests, contain a high-quality (real) magician's wand and four great wand tricks the kids can insist you watch them trying to perform for DECADES to come.

Ok, maybe just a few months, but it'll feel like ages.

Wand packs 2

Each wand is the perfect length for magic - 10" long and comes with instructions so easy to follow, even your guinea pig could be doing magic before the end of the day.

They're packaged in a clear, sealed bag, to ensure none of the magic escapes, and also come with video tutorials - so the kids can watch something different on YouTube, for once.

Uh oh. Time for the small print.

The above price is based on ordering a minimum of ten magic wand packs. Ordering any less than ten packs means you will pay the standard price of £2.50 per pack.

That said, simply let us know precisely how many packs you would like so there'll be no wasted wands or wasted money on the day.

The Tricks

Rubber Wand
Super Magnet Wand
Wand From Card Box
Sticky Wand

Wand packs 3