About Puddles

About Puddles

Once upon a time, in a dark, eerie laboratory, a talented but misguided magician worked under candlelight.

As midnight drew close, he stepped back and examined his work.

He let out a hysterical laugh as he heard the thunder echo through the surrounding countryside, and he flicked the heavy metal switch and watched the electricity surge into his lab.

But there's good news: the result of his experiment was nothing like Frankenstein!

It was far more annoying.

They call him...

Puddles, and I'm a P-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p Platypus!

Magic Russ says I need to be quick because I'm very annoying. But what does he know? He created me, after all.

I don't listen to him anyway because he knows his show wouldn't be anything without my help.

But I do need Magic Russ to draw me so that I can come to life for your party. He uses a magic board to draw my fur, bill, eyes and nostrils and then, as if by magic, I'm here, singing my happy P-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p Platypus song.

Sometimes I get a bit p-p-personal and my song goes on too long and Magic Russ decides to rub me out. But he's just jealous because he has big ears AND a big nose and.... wait... he's rubbing me out right now!

Every child who comes to your party will receive a CD with Puddles the Platypus' special song.

It has a recommended retail price of £5.99, but your guests can have it for FREE as an extra party present, and comes with a 100% (completely invalid) two-minute guarantee to not drive your parents loopy in the car on the way home!

And kids, if your parents don't let you listen to it whenever you're in the car, it means they don't love you.

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