About Chico

About Chico

Hello ladies, and let me introduce you to the most handsome, intelligent, wonderful (and modest) monkey you'll ever meet in your life.

People often ask me what kind of monkey I am.

Well have you seen the Dairy Milk advert with the drumming monkey?

I'm not one of those buffoons!

No, my talent is far more mystical and impressive than just whacking a drum.

My friends call me Chico, and I'm a mind-reading monkey who's come to the UK all the way from beautiful Las Vegas.

Although, I'm just here on a tourist visa, so please don't mention me working to anyone...

I live here with my second cousin once removed, Magic Russ, and he insists on me taking part in all of his shows so he can show off my magical mind-reading powers.

I'm also a bit of a ladies' monkey, but i'm sure you figured that out by looking at me.

I can't wait to meet you at your party. Make sure you bring me an invisible banana please - they're my favourite.

Chico X

P.S. If Magic Russ tells you I am naughty, don't believe him. And if you do believe him... well, monkey nuts to you!