Frequently Asked Questions

Let me ask you a question. If you're arranging a family dinner at a nice restaurant, what do you do first - see when everyone's available, or book the restaurant?

Unless you hate your family or enjoy eating on your own, you're going to check your family's availability first. The same logic applies when planning your child's party.

Better to book your entertainer (i.e. the wonderful Magic Russ) first, find out what dates he has available, and then book your venue. Otherwise you risk being trapped in a room of manic children, high on sugar, with no entertainer to keep them busy.

Birthday parties are best held on a date near the child's birthday. Unless, like me, they have 12 birthdays per year - What can I say, I enjoy getting presents.

But in terms of timings, the best parties run from 11am to 1pm and 3pm to 5pm.

Why? They coincide with feeding times at the zoo for the kids, so they don't get hangry.

That depends on whether you like trying to control a room full of children whose sole intention is to eat as much cake as possible and come up with creative ways to drive their parents to drink.

I'll always arrive 45 minutes early to get set up, but you're better off telling everyone else the actual time the party starts. That way I can lasso the children as they arrive, and you can enjoy your gin and tonic cup of tea in peace.

(And, if you like, I can make sure I draw lots of attention to the parents who arrive late, to ensure they never do it again).

A friend of mine had his extension built by a cheap builder last year. It looked wonderful, until his 7-year old sneezed, and it collapsed like a house of cards.

If you're considering booking an entertainer for your little one's party, you're probably looking for someone who can make the party unforgettable for your child and all of their friends.

So do you think it's worth spending a little bit more and getting a professional and experienced entertainer with dozens of verified 5* reviews, or Cowboy Carl who'll turn up late, stinking of cigarettes, cough on the children, and chat up Grandma?

And look, even if you lose your mind and don't book Magic Russ, ensure you're booking a professional. Someone who's a member of The Magic Circle and Equity, like Russ, has to adhere to a strict code of conduct - or they'll be turned into a toad.

The short answer: Yes, but your child and their friends won't have as good a time - and you'll enjoy it less as a result.

Being outside is exciting for kids. There's swings to swing on, worms to eat, and trees to fall out of.

One of the benefits of hiring an entertainer is knowing all your guests will be captivated for a few hours, and you can relax. The same just isn't true when you're outside, where they can run off and are more easily distracted.

Plus my disco lights aren't nearly as effective in bright sunshine.

My advice? Have the show indoors, and then a party picnic outside.

I'm not surprised, I've not even seen the film, IT, and they still make me a little uncomfortable.

Despite what my mother will tell you, I'm not a clown, and although I'm yet to win any awards during London Fashion Week, my bright and colourful clothing will help the kids feel at ease.

Rest assured, I'll take care of the "tunes" - my kids hate it when I use that word - and play them loud enough through my Bose PA system that nobody can hear you singing along.

It's all that modern stuff the kids like too. No Agadoo, sorry Nan!

And if Auntie Carol wants to sing a song instead, please let me know and I'll bring my top of the range ear plugs along.

Trust me, if Reliable Russ wasn't such a terrible name for a children's entertainer, that's what people would call me.

We've all heard the horror stories from parents who've been let down at the last minute by entertainers who've not showed up.

Hint: it's normally the cheap ones who aren't a member of The Magic Circle or Equity, like Magic Russ is.

Rest assured, when you book Magic Russ, you'll have an entertainer your child and their friends will love, and who'll be there come rain or shine.

You get to open a bottle of wine, pour yourself a large glass, give yourself a pat on the back for booking the country's best children's entertainer, and relax.

We'll send you a booking contract by email for you to sign, and take the balance of your booking fee 7 days before your party. It's that simple.

You can see a copy of Magic Russ' full terms and conditions by CLICKING HERE which have got full details on your cancellation rights.